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Will C2924C switch work OK as a CCNA security home lab?


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    Check the exam blueprints from Cisco's site. Then use the feature navigator to be sure that the 2924 has the available options. I think you need to be able to run: port security, storm control, dhcp rate limiting. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I would suggest you get at least a 2950 for your CCNA Security. That's what I used and I'm pretty sure I wasn't limited on any features. I can't say the same with the 2924s. HTH.

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    A 2924 can't run any IOS version after 12.0

    This also applies to:

    2926 (this one only runs CatOS)

    Agree with peanutnoggin that the 2950 should do the trick for you
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