Any1 know how2 configure RADIUS server/802.1x ???

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any1 experience in RADIUS server and functions using 802.1x? pls share..... coz i planning to implement it..........

thankss in advance ! :D


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    Its a pretty complex subject. I read a white paper on the subject from MS. Not sure what your looking for exactly but I basically used MS IAS server using AD as the authentication dbase.

    then you configure the APs to talk to RADIUS (IAS) and RADIUS to talk to AD.

    After that, you configure Certificate services to automatically generate keys to keep data encrypted. Way to much detail to really spell it out, but search on MS for whitepapers if this what your looking for. Otherwise don't know about Cisco
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    slow down a bit, william.
    RADIUS is an advanced topic. :)
    the More I know, that is more and More I dont know.
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