MCSE Boot Camps???

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Does anyone have an opinion about using a boot camp to gain certification? I have 15 years of tech support and management experance but have been unemployed for over 1 year. The only cert I have is an out dated Novell CNE cert. I'm concidering a boot camp and was wanting feedback. Are they worth it? which one is recommended? etc..... Also do you think a MCSE cert will improve my chances of landing a job???




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    I would normally say they are waste of money, but if you have 15 years, maybe not for you. Do you feel like you know Windows 2000/2003 very well? Take a look at the Objectives, and see what you already know. Boot camps are usually expensive, so if you think you could study yourself, you'd save a boatload of $$. Having 15 years, and MCSE, or a few other certs will help a lot. Experience is key these days. Also, take a look at some other certs, see if anything catches you're eye. The article is a bit old, but it still has a ton of info.
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    You mention 15 years of tech support, doing what? Does you home town need IT support?

    The boot camps cram an exam worth of data a day into you followed by a test. I've had experianced IT friends take the boot camp path and it worked. I would have to believe the retention would be low if you never experianced the objectives before. If you have 15 years of IT support the boot camp will probably work, but remember if there are no jobs available in you town you may have to look elsewhere.
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    Thanks for your replies and advice.


    Can you please ask your friends which boot camps they attended and see if they would recommend them? I would really appreciate it as I would like to register for one by weeks end. I think this is the way I'm going to go. I have a lot of expereance administering and maintaining Win 2000-2003. I really think the lack of certs are holding me back. I live near St. Louis and theres plenty of jobs to apply to but Im not having much luck. I've been studing for the Security + cert and am just about ready to take the test. I dont think that cert alone is enough though.

    Thanks for your help!!!

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    How expensive are boot camps?
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    One went through IT Mentor in Denver for his CCNA, 2 days $995. Another used Intense Schools to complete an MCSE, he described it as 14 days of IT jail for $8k.

    Both had a decent amount experiance and did a bunch of prestudy before the bootcamp. The certs were needed for promotions so they were motivated.
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    Thanks Fondue!

    I found one in St. Louis Im thinking about.

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