Real World: Terminal Services Licensing

gorebrushgorebrush Posts: 2,741Member
Got a ***** of a problem here and I can't see what is wrong.

We have a Terminal Services License server, which is setup for Per Device licensing, and we have 63 licenses. There are 16 free.

I have a support company who are trying to connect to one of our TS servers and it is failing because it claims there are no licenses available.

All servers can see each other (I checked TS Configuration on one of the servers the remote support person was trying to connect to, and it verifies it can see our TS License server)

Help! I need to get this remote worker on ASAP. We are running Windows Server 2003 R2 throughout (so no funky license revokation like you can in 200icon_cool.gif

Any ideas, gratefully received.


  • willhi1979willhi1979 Posts: 191Member
    Is the device license on the server being used? It might need an additional license if more users need to connect. You also might want to try connecting using a different computer and see if that works.
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