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Took the exam yesterday - Oh my god!!! It is so much harder than the Boson exams I've done. I was getting about 88% on the Boson tests first time around and got them down to about 99% by the end. But the real exam is so much more in depth and the simulations are harder. Much harder. They don't feed you the info to fill in to a switch, they make you find it first and work out what you need.

Study VLAN's as I needed it big time, configuring VTP and vlan1 ip address. Know the different types of ram as well.

Half way through I knew I'd failed it as the questions were throwing me all over the place. Hit finish on Question 55 (15 minutes left of the 90) and guess what - 93%. Miracle!

Good luck to anyone that takes this exam, I got my fair share I think.



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    I see you have ITIL. Did it do any good for you?
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    congrats... i have heard some saying that they got alot of ospf sims among other things.. did they have u configuring 1900 and 2950 or was it jus 1 of the switch models.. i know u can't tell me much but thats my only question.. i'm waiting on test center ( that i like) to start accepting testers ( they fired last person) and hope to have a good success such as your self.. what are your plans now?
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    Congratulations on your pass!
    Webmaster wrote:

    I see you have ITIL. Did it do any good for you?

    What is ITIL?
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    Thanks for the kind comments guys.

    ITIL is basically an approach to IT service management, containing processes (as opposed to procedures) on availability, helpdesks, financial management, capacity management, incident and problem management and a few others. It's two 3 hour essay exams and is really good for anyone in IT management. It'd given me a good understanding of IT in business and what the point of IT really is. But I want to move from management into security admin work at some point, so I'm starting on the CISSP in a few weeks. (6 hour multichoice exam - thatt'll be fun) I'll use a book and a DVD seminar for that and hope to do it in 5 months. The ccna took 3, spending a few hours each night reading.

    On the test it was a 2950 as it had the switchport command on it. To be fair I don't think they'll be making anyone setup isdn or frame-relay or a nat pool or pat (overload), but in terms of complexity I think they'd stretch to maybe a simple extended access list.

    I've got the sybex 640-801 on pdf if anyone wants it.

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    Thank you for the information. Good luck on your next endeavor :)
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    Gobwise wrote:
    Thanks for the kind comments guys.

    but in terms of complexity I think they'd stretch to maybe a simple extended access list.


    My exam had an extended access list that was anything but simple ;) Multiple objectives on different routers.... thank god it was the only sim i got
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