Passed 70-294 - What next?

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1st Post here...
Passed 70-294 on Friday 9-3 only 718.
I didn't have a lot of hands on experience with AD, only a vmware lab with 4 sites and
4 DC's.
I used MS press book and the measure up exams that came with it.
Alot of questions on GPO's, and 5 or 6 sims.
I only need the design exam to finish MCSE, but here's my question:
I claimed my A+ and network+ as an elective to finish MCSA, and don't have any Exchange experience
Which of the design certs should i take? 70-297,298 or the exhange one- 70-285


  • TechnitoTechnito Member Posts: 152
    Congratz, a pass is a pass and that's all that matters. But when it comes to the design exam, 70-297 and 70-298 are the only choices. 70-285 can count as an elective only. From what most people been saying, it boils down where you think your skillsets are strongest. 70-297 is an Active Directory Infrastructure design exam, therefore if you're strong with AD groups, domain, site structures etc then this will be your exam. 70-298 being a Security design exam (PKI, IPSec etc) and more windows based networking services such as DNS, WINS, DHCP, etc . Also 70-298 can count towards MCSE: Security Specialization if you wanted to go that route someday.
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    congrats hotjazman a pass is pass still, with me now am planning a retake on AD mate hey it got me bad.
    Show me the way to go
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    Have you taken the 70-291? It isn't listed
    Decide what to be and go be it.
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    Good job on the pass!!!
    -WIP- (70-294 and 297)

    Once MCSE 2k3 completed:

    WGU: BS in IT, Design/Management

    Finish MCITP:EA, CCNA, PMP by end of 2012

    After that, take a much needed vacation!!!!!
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    Devilsbane wrote: »
    Have you taken the 70-291? It isn't listed
    He had to take it to get the MCSA
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    From the sounds of it, 70-298 will be your best choice of design exam, considering that your AD knowledge wasn't as strong as you'd liked. As for the elective, I'd say that taking an exam on a newer version of Exchange might be your best bet. The MCSE page says that 70-236 is a valid choice of elective. Another option is to take the Windows 7 exam, (70-680,) as your elective so you have it done in case you want to upgrade to MCITP: Enterprise Administrator at some point.

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