The Obligatory "I PASSED TODAY!!!!" thread...

skaeightskaeight Member Posts: 130
Well, I passed 70-290 today. 775, which is only slighty over the passing mark of 700, but hey I'll take it. The lady at the testing center said that she has received a lot of complaints about this test, she thinks its definatly one of the hardest MS tests.

This test wasn't necessarily much harder than 70-270, but it was kind of nitpicky. There are a lot of questions about wierd options. There were a few questions on CLI commands, some of which I hadn't necessarily seen before. Either way, I'm done and I have come out with a ton of knowledge on Server 2003, which is honestly a great platform.

So now it's on to 70-291 so I can get my MCSA (and eventually MCSE). It should be interesting studying for this exam though, because I recently took over network administation duties at the company I work for, and I need to also bring myself up to speed on Cisco Switches and Exchage. So needless to say, my nose is going to be in a book for the next few months. Not that I'm complaing :D , I love what I'm doing now.


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