Thin client question

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Do people use VMWARE 4.0 to do thin client apps?

and do you think a t1 that is bonded to a t2 will be fine
for thin clients.

we have 4 branches. 1 corp and 3 satalite branches.
all the branches go thru the corp office firewall.

we have say 25 PCs at each branch. do you think a t1 that is T2 bonded
will be enough speed for thin clients? are people going
with vmware 4.0 vs a MS terminal services or Citrix. does vmware have
some kind of thin client options?
just want to get a view from you guys who have done this?
but only 25 pcs at each branch only? would the say terminal server system
reside at say the corp office or do you have to have say TS servers at each branch? do you use a 2 vm server system with failover and use it in a SAN type system for the TS system? or are there cheaper options.
Obviously I want something that will be redudant and dont want all the PCs in the financial to crash so maybe the SAN system would be best?
thanks. I just need to get your guys' ideas and if I am understanding it corrrectly. I think the T2 lines hould be good since our corp office has a 10 meg fiber line coming into it from the other branch offices. whatdo you guys think?
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