Failed 70-297....

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Just got done with my second pass at the 70-297 and failed with a 627. The two areas I scored poorly on the first time improved, but the other areas dwindled. I can honestly say I really hate the format of this test. I had never failed an certification exam until this exam. I use the MS pressbook and labs and some CBT nuggets I could find for study. Any other suggestions for study materials? I'm thinking of getting the sybex book for it as those are usually pretty decent. Just really frustrated with not passing this stupid exam... again.



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    Sorry to hear about your failure. I am studying for 70-298 and my practice test software I use is in the same way. So hard to get use to. Some advice I been seeing from some of the others were to read through the questions before the case studies. At least 4 people so far I heard say that. But anyway, good luck on your next try. Third times a charm!
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    Hey, thanks for the reply. That's actually interesting, I hadn't heard that before nor thought about approaching the test that way. I'll definitely try reading the questions first to kind of have an idea of what I'm looking for in my mind as I read the business case. Hopefully I will knock this out mid october and finish out my MCSE.
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    Personally for me I read both the question AND the answers. This way when I skim the case studies I look first for the keywords from the question and answers. I've found it to be VERY helpful in cutting time.
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