Image and Patch Management

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My backround is mostly desktop support, with some networking experience. I have been using batch files for various applications (such as clunky software updates, or copying profiles), and the longer I support desktops the more I use them.

My ultimate goal for a networked environment would be to have self-updating images (Ghost with post-sysprep automatic updates), a sophisticated patch management system (enabling all computers to have exactly the same versions of software, etc.), and local security settings that require saving to network and allow exactly what permissions are needed per user. Additionally, it would be very nice to be able to remotely install applications -- ie., computer "Lab02" needs profile "Test4" but is currently on profile "Production" -- open a management suite, type "Lab02", change "Production" to "Test4" and the computer will un/install the software and updates as needed.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Without any 3rd party software, I would likely be able to accomplish much of this, although I've never heard of an environment (Windows) that addresses these points completely. I imagine this would reduce the work of an IT department by at least 300%...

but... is it possible?


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