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Hello everyone,

I'm Samy from Tunisia ( Tuni what ? icon_lol.gif ,it's a country in north Africa ) and i've decided to take LPI 1 and 2.
I've passed three sun certifications and i've realized i'm much more comfortable with Linux than Microsoft so i wanna prove it by getting certified.
The problem is i didn't work extensively with Linux,yes i've used it but only for "normal" tasks.
Which book and which approach would you advice me to take in order to succeed ?
I've given myself one mouth of preparation ( 4/5 hours a week maybe because i'm still in college ).



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    Dynamik suggested a book called "Practical Guide to Linux" by Sobell. After reading half of it, I'd say I can do a decent amount of administrative tasks/normal tasks in Linux.

    Amazon.com: Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming, A (2nd Edition) (9780131367364): Mark G. Sobell: Books

    Welcome to TE btw icon_cheers.gif
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    Thanks,i'm happy to be part of this forum,the book looks interesting btw.
    I've another question please,do you think one mouth is enough to prepare for the LPI 101 ?
    And can y work with a virtual machine on my personal laptop instead of directly installing Linux ?

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    It really depends on how many hours you put into it per day.

    If you work through a book and have some Linux experience I would say it can be done in about 20 hours preparation time.

    You can work with a VM, there is no need to install Linux on physical hardware for exam prep.
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    LPI has some splendid initiatives in that part of the world (North Africa) Don Sammy.
    I would also recommend that book mentioned by rogue2shadow, a truly great guide. Especially for the 101 exam, helped me greatly. It falls short on setting up network clients though, as it isn't covered at all in that book, and you'll need that for your 102 exam.
    Be sure to visit the sticky topics here DonSamy, as they list some very useful resources. And yes, you can use VM's for prep, no need for full Linux installations. As far as prep time required, that is really an individual matter. It depends how much are you involved with Linux on daily basis beyond just plain content consuming. I would say though, that it'll take longer to prepare for 101 than for 102, as 101 is a lot more memorization of commands and handles and 102 is knowing config file syntax.
    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress icon_cheers.gif
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    Thanks for the answer guys,yes LPI is doing a great job here,making a lot of contacts an partnerships with local IT universities ( including mine ).
    We have many Linux courses and a lot of people are getting certified.

    Let's get back to the exam,i'm gonna give it 1/2 hours per day and 4/5 hours in the weekend for a mouth and see what happens,i'll keep you updated i f you wish.
    One question,i would very much lie to pursue my maser in Canada,would the certifications be a bonus ?
    Thanks again for the warm welcome.
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    whatever book you chose
    please don't study from IBM LPI course, it is very boring and the minute details in it will make you go bonkers
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