CEH Passed, Courseware, and Study Tips

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Hey everyone! I probably lurked around here long enough, so I am happy to say I passed my C|EH! I dragged my heels but finally knocked it out in a couple of months of self study once I started.

First off, (and if this is in bad form please mods delete this), I am ebaying my courseware. I managed to absorb about as much as possible out of it, and planning on getting a few more certs so I need the money. So if you are interested here is the ebay link: CEH 312-50 EC-Council Official Course Material - eBay (item 250696701192 end time Sep-23-10 21:19:36 PDT)

Now onto the magic question that everyone wants to know, how to study for it. Honestly I think the people over at EC-Council did a great job of making the test so that you have to know your stuff. I am sure someone has the **** out there, but I didn't look. I studied the courseware, the offiicial study guide, then wrapped it up with the uCertify Prep software. The test took some thinking on a few questions to work out some problems, but overall it wasn't too bad.

My experience is light computer security work for years, I am pretty decent with all the distros out there and use Pentoo for the most part.

Please hit me up with any questions you guys may have, especially if your taking the test anytime soon.


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