is it just me or does everyone go through this ordeal

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Hello everyone... I do not know why but when ever i read a chapter in my mike meyers book I think I got it but then i will read the next chapter and when i look back at the previous chapter it is almost like i did not read it... I am on chapter 13 removable media, it is not to big of a chapter but i started to over look it yesterday and boy its got a lot of abreviations in it and talks about alot of different memory. though some of it when you first read it sounds like you need to know it but then at the end of the paragraph it will say this has been replaced by such and such lol.

Is removable media that big on the test? I mean if it is constantly changing everyday with something new or improved by the time i take the test what i read would be ancient then.

One more thing or question i have for you guys is this. when reading chapter 11 hard drive technologies, it talks alot about the ata, ata2, ata3, ect.. ect.. do we need to know each one of them inside and out?
To me the 10 questions at the end of the chapter is not enough to make sure you know the stuff. I will pass all the questions but when i take a pratice exam i feel like i never read some of the stuff though it was there....
If anyone is interested i found an awesome site for quizing yourself with mike meyers book, I found it searching on google so here is the link
Chapter 7 - Motherboards


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    They actually have a quiz for every chapter like the link you just gave. Mike Meyers' A+ Guide to Managing and Troubleshooting PCs

    It sounds like you're getting a case of the studying nerves man. You'll be alright.
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    My opinion on both tests is that they are more based on practical app. I'm not saying you won't get some specific technical questions but I wouldn't focus on nitty gritty details.

    I thought the practical app. exam was harder yet I scored higher on it than the other.
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    Asif Dasl wrote: »
    I would say that the link you provided to the quiz - there is nothing as hard as that on the test. I did the quiz and failed miserably 52% yet I sailed over the bar when I took the actual test. ...

    Re-read what you don't understand.

    Note I have not taken this test, but currently studying the Mike Myers book, along with the Exam Cram book. ...

    I too took the test, but only scored 60% and actually overlooked one question! Who knows if I would have gotten it write or not.

    I think you are having pretest jitters, keep studying and use a different practice test! I like the Exam Cram version and I plan on covering it again and again soon as I am going to schedule my test.

    Those questions are pretty petty IMHO, and narrowly focused.
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    well, i posted that link to the quizes to help or if anyone wanted to take quizes at the end of the chapter for mike meyers book, to me the 10 little questions at the end of his chapters were not enough to see if i learned anything.

    When i take the quizes from that link i did very well maybe 1 or 2 wrong and if i wait a day or two and retake them sometimes i pass 100% or sometimes i get a couple things mixed up.

    I just feel every time i take a look at the a+ objectives and focus on one of them i ask myself can i explain what this is or do i know it and i come up blank. I thought it was said you should be able to look at the objectives and know or how to explain that objective. I think you guys are right about the jitters, i always feel like i dont know the stuff but then i take a practice test and do pretty well. I think when i take the practice test that i am doing good but when i actually sit down for the real one it will be nothing like the practice exams lol ... Are the practice tests/exams pretty close if not harder then the real test?
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    I'm studying this book too and understand how you feel. It's just to much information to take in on one pass. I was forgetting half what I read within a day or two as well.

    What I did was read through the entire book. Then I used the exam objectives in the back as the basis for an outline. Which I've been working on for several weeks. Just finished it today and its about 60 pages of notes. Just the act of taking all those notes helped me immensly.

    Thanks for linking that quiz I've been looking for more quizes to try. Got 77% on the one you linked. I doubt I would have gotten more then 50% after my initial reading of the book.
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    Making that high on that quiz I think you're ready dude.
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    The A+ covers a lot of you are finding out icon_wink.gif Here is what helped me.
    I would read a chapter straight through, no notes, just read it.
    Read it again within 2 days, taking detailed notes this time, do any practices.
    Make some charts in excel or word for cables spec, CPU specs, motherboards, etc. this will cement it into your head.
    Get an old PC and take it apart, look at it the CPU while reading about CPU, memory when reading about memory, it will help to see what he's talking about.
    As far as tests go, I would often take a test before reading anything, just to gauge your knowledge, gives you a nice baseline.
    Good luck!
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    I, too, started to memorize all the details in the ATA levels 1-7, but I don't think they're even on the CompTIA A+ objectives!
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