My resume.

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I thought since I've seen quite a few resumes floating around, I'll put mine on here.

Please be gentle with me.

I don't mind critique at all.
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    I think you can add some more detail to your explanations.

    You mentioned you supported hardware & software issues and have used various ticketing systems. Which ones? Another one is that you created and deployed images. Again, what types of images (XP, Vista, 7, etc) and what software did you use to build/deploy (Ghost, WAIK, etc)?
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    Take off what you're currently studying from the cert list.
    Take off the high school.
    Take off future certification goals.
    Put your education higher up and limit it to 2 pages. Are you being redundant listing skills and then saying where you did them. Just be more thorough on the experience part and get rid of skills section.
    You definitely have some skills you just need to showcase them better.
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    Ideally you want a cover letter and then a 1 page resume,
    Is not hard to do, you just have to summarize your skills/education in efficient yet simple words. Start by your highest level of education and or certifications, and shorten your work experience to focus on your main function. The idea is to get your employer motivated/intrigued, and then at the interview all the details will come out.

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