material for JNCIA-FWV

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Can someone recommend study material for JNCIA-FWV?

aldur ;)
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    Get yourself two (maybe 3) ssg5/5gt netscreens. Setup VPN's between them, setup policies, static routes. Learn about vpn monitoring, optimizing, rekey etc. Check console outputs like get ike cookie, get route etc.

    Juniper security products have interfaces with route or NAT mode, they obviously make sense to you! You can even set nat mode on policies which is good for your design. Learn about MIP, VIP, DIP and track ip.

    I went to a Juniper authorized course before I did my JNCIA-FWV but honestly after using netscreens for about 2 years I didn't even really need to go to a course.

    I am sure Aldur has better resources to show than me!!!! Coz hes the man ;)
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