70-236 or 072-236

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Hi all,

I had appeared for 70-236 and failed so i registered for 072-236 and cleared in 1st attempt.

On passing 70-236 We get MCTS Certification but in my case i have passed 072-236 (Studen Series) then will i get a certificate MCTS or Microsoft doesnt give any certificate as its a student exam. I could luckily give the exam at the same prometric center without any hassle.

Someone please advise.
I just cleared today & the Result appears on the prometric website but doesnt appear in the MCP home page in my transcript.

I hope my efforts will not go waste.


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    It's the same test but a different price. It just always takes a while for the results to show up on the MCP page.
    I take the 73- versions of the tests through WGU (IT Academy tests) and these are also the same tests. They show up on your MCP page as 70-xxx MCTS passed.
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    All you are really concerned with is the 236. The 72 prefix just means that is a student test and can be taken using a student voucher that only costs about $60. (vs the $125 standard voucher price)

    Your MS transcript will only say the 236 part, so if you can get the voucher for it then go for it. Unless you happen to like spending more money, in which case I will PM you my address so you can send me a check :p
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