VMware Converter and dynamic disks

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We currently have VMware Server 2.0 with many VM's and are trying to convert everything so that it runs on our new ESX box. The VMware Converter works for everything except a few of our servers are setup to grow dynamically and from what ive seen the the converter doesnt support it.
Have any of you experienced it and ifso how have you dealt with this?

Are there any 3rd party tools that do this?


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    I've converted growable disks before, though those were on VMware Server 1.x. What source type are you using in Converter, and are you really getting an error about growable disks? If so, you can convert the disks to preallocated using vmware-vdiskmanager. It's included with VMware Server 1.x, but I'm not sure about 2.0. The syntax to convert a disk to preallocated is "vmware-vdiskmanager -r source.vmdk -t 2 out.vmdk" (make sure you have the disk space). You can run the command without any options to get the complete syntax.

    If it still doesn't work you can treat the VMs as physical computers and convert them as such. In this case the VMDK type would not matter. Yet another method would be to backup the VM with BackupExec System Recovery or Acronis, if you have one of these, and point Converter to the backup.
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