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My CCNA expires like the first week of November. So I have been planning on studying for the CCNA Security to renew my CCNA for like ever but have been swamped at work and in life. So long story short I haven't had a chance to study at all. Plus I'm going on away on vacation Oct 31st. How long on average have you guys needed to pass? I would have like 4 weeks to study and to be honest work will be just as busy so probably will be slacking on the studying. Should I even bother driving myself crazy trying to study and squeeze in the exam? I also don't want to just drop $250 for the exam with out having a good chance of passing and won't have time for a retake in case i do fail.

What to do what to do.


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    Is configuring Cisco devices from a security standpoint part of your daily routine at work?

    You could renew via the CCNA R+S instead for now but that's $250 on the same requisite icon_sad.gif.
    The ICND2 part of my CCNA took about 3 weeks worth of solid labbing and studying but the ICND1 part took about 6 months (off and on).
    If you still remember the basics, focus hard on the stuff you don't remember and you should be good.

    Is the CCNA required for your job? If it isn't required you could easily just take the vacation, come back post the expiration, get on the study horse hardcore, and recertify. The issue here is that you would have to redo the CCNA no matter what to get the CCNA:S due to the pre-requisite last summer.
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    Well, I recertified the plain old CCNA, and I don regret it.

    Granted, there had been a syllabus change between the two version when I renewed it. If the same is true for you, you may find recerting CCNA will teach you something.
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