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I am debating putting the ID numbers next to my certs on my resume. Like my MCP ID, VCP ID and my ISC2 member ID to name a few. I know the ISC2 member ID can be used with my last name to verify my credentials, not sure how the VCP ID works as I have never tried. Microsoft does the whole transcript sharing code. I normally carry around copies of my certs that have this info on them when I interview. My certs are listed at the bottom of my resume and this would be adding the information after the certification name.
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I was curious and wanted to see what everybody's thoughts were and if this was a good idea. I've seen it done on some of the resumes from potential candidates for network engineer positions where I work. A large number of the applicants who have Cisco certs do this.
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    I only give it if the prospective employer wants it. Some folks might put it in there, but I don't think it is needed at all. It's almost like putting "References available on request", which is also not needed. If the employer wants it, they'll ask for it.
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    I think its a waste of space. I provide stuff like that if asked, but no one's ever called me on it.
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    Paul Boz wrote: »
    I think its a waste of space. I provide stuff like that if asked, but no one's ever called me on it.

    I second this. No one has ever asked me for IDs or certificates. I did show my wallet card to one recruiter however.
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    Paul Boz wrote: »
    I think its a waste of space. I provide stuff like that if asked, but no one's ever called me on it.

    I just had an interview "AGAIN" and they completely over looked the certifications. I even tried mentioning one very gently to answer a question and that was dismissed in a freaking hurry lol. Seriously it was probably the worse mistake I made in the whole interview. It defiently wasn't an unforgiveable sin, but felt ackward. I'm at the point if they mention them I'll briefly and generically speak of it, other than that I'll just pretend I don't have the certs lol. (Of course I will list them on my resume at the BOTTOM).

    On a side note the more I apply for higher level jobs it because more and more about experience and how you answer the interview questions and occasionally aptitude test. Certs are never brought up in my interviews. Maybe it's the type of jobs I am applying for.
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    Rarely are my certifications ever brought up. I answer alot of technical questions. They can tell when you have expierence or not by the way you answer the technical questions. Especially in depth ones like DNS :P
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