Are there any CCNP bootcamp schools that are accredited?

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The company I work for will pay 100 percent of my training as long as the school is accredited. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    I don't know of any CCNP "bootcamps" that receive accreditation. You have some that are very reputable such as Global Knowledge, Internetwork Experts (INE), etc... are you looking to do a bootcamp (2 or 3 weeks) or an actual Cisco Academy (full college semesters) style course? What's your experience level? How much Cisco gear do you touch on a daily basis? Do you already have a CCNA? Do you have lab gear already? Will your employer fund you study materials and test reimbursement? We'll be able to offer you more suggestions if we can understand what it is you're trying to accomplish. HTH.

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    To my knowledge accreditation can only come by actual schools and universities. While these offer classes, I have never seen one offer a boot camp.
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    Im about a month out from taking my ccna exam.I do not get any hands on with routers on a daily basis .My company is paying for me to take the ccna class at my local community college but its all done online self-paced(through cyannaIi think it is). The lab is actually pretty good. The reason I want to take a bootcamp is because I normally work 60-65 hrs a week and just dont want to study after a 11-12 hour day at work.Currently im rehabbing from a surgery so I have time to study. So I was gonna take a week or two vacation and do a boot camp for the ccnp, price doesnt matter theres no cap on my education as long as its an accredited school. I wouldnt mind getting the voip cert as well.

    Oh yeah im pretty sure that global knowledge is not one of the schools that are acredited.
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    I found a boot camp from boson. They are a Cisco learning partner.. Don't know if that's the same but here is the link. CCNP Bootcamp - Cisco Training
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    cavaselis wrote:
    Im about a month out from taking my ccna exam.
    cavaselis wrote:
    I do not get any hands on with routers on a daily basis

    prove me wrong..... but with that information you supplied above a bootcamp for CCNP sounds like a waste of time/money (there is a HUGE knowledge jump from the CCNA to the CNNP). you might be able to come out of that bootcamp with a pass on the CCNP tests (maybe....) but without daily hands on experience you will lose all of that knowledge instantly since it will be crammed into your head in the span of a few weeks, so whats the point?

    i would suggest finding time daily to go through the material (surely you can find at least 20 minutes to read or lab).
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