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Hello all,

I just recently came across this website and decided to join because of the online community I witnessed throughout the forums. This site seems to be a great resource alongside other study materials. With that being said, I'll get to my post...

I want to become certified in SQL Server 2008. The first exam I would like to go for is the MCTS: 70-432 (Implementation and Maintenance). Over the past 6 months, I have been exposed to 4 SQL books, and a number of virtual training courses on SQL Server 2008. Prior to this, I had no experience with SQL Server, although I had taken one college-level course that taught basics of the SQL language (in an Oracle environment), as well as basics of relational databases. The first issue is, I took that college course 4 years ago. The second issue is, I wasn't consistent with my studying during my recent 6 month stretch.

Now, I am making a commitment to myself to get serious. Rather than procrastinate on studying, I want to dedicate myself to focusing on 70-432 related material. Sure, I may be backtracking a bit, but at this point I feel it's crucial to get a fresh start in order to develop a healthy study schedule. I would like to achieve this goal as quickly as possible, but I understand that it will take time.

Right now, I still have access to the 4 books that I mentioned earlier in my post. One of them is "Microsoft SQL Server 2008- Implementation and Maintenance Self-Paced Training Kit" by Mike Hotek. The other 3 books are official course books from Microsoft (6231 - Maintaining a SQL Server 2008 Database, 6232 - Implementing a SQL Server 2008 Database, and 2778 -Writing Queries Using SQL Server 2008 T-SQL). I received those 3 books when doing virtual courses at a local New Horizons training center (I do not recommend, by the way). Also, I have access to practice questions via the New Horizons website.

So my main question is (finally!), where should I start? I'm not a complete newbie, but I have a TON to learn to get to my end goal. Should I cram practice test questions, or should I take the time to truly study the material in the books I have? I've never taken a certification exam before, so I'm not exactly sure what to expect on the 70-432 exam.

For those of you that took the time to read this post, it is greatly appreciated! I look forward to your responses, and I look forward to using this wonderful forum as a great resource throughout!


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    Welcome to TE! The resources you have will be excellent. Did any of those books come with practice questions? I have access to the SPT Kit, but through my Safari account so I am not sure what the physical books get now a days.

    I have been lazy to do it this way, but I will give you my normal study pattern. You will need two sets of questions to follow this method.

    1. Study the material. Ready the books and do the labs. If you don't understand do that labs until it is just second nature. Even if you don't quite get the theory behind it yet. Ask questions here and also on SQLTeam, although not cert centric, they are excellent for very technical SQL Server questions.

    2. Start taking fast tests with long review. This means take your first set of questions, I used MeasureUp and Self Test for my MCSE, for example, adn go through the cert mode questions and only answer the ones you are certain of. If you are unsure of the answer just skip it. Print the incorrect answers and study then using you books and BoL. Repeat the labs and use the questions to create new labs.

    3. Once you are easily scoring in the high 80s or 90s because you know the questions so well, it is time to switch to the new questions. This time, though, you will perform fewer tests taking the cert mode as if it were the real thing. Then repeat the process of research and labbing the scenarios. You should only be able to get one or two exams per week doing this. Once you are scoring in the 90s, you should be ready to go for th elive test.
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    I actually really like that study method, I hadn't thought of that before. The Self-Paced Training Kit book did come with a CD that contains practice questions. I also have an account with New Horizons that gives me access to test questions.

    It's funny though, because it almost seems like New Horizons and the CD contain the exact same questions. I'll have to give it a closer look to determine if I should go to a different testing site for more variety.
    Print the incorrect answers and study then using you books and BoL.

    What does BoL mean?

    Thanks for the response! I will definitely post questions on the forums as I come across them.
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    BoL (Books On Line) Link below:

    SQL Server Books Online

    If you do like using Books instead of online reading then i would suggest looking at Roberts other post about study material (http://www.techexams.net/forums/sql-server-exams/52826-mcitp-dba-2008-resources.html), Ive been on the 6232 course and a lot of other MS courses, and i find there books to be poor at best so wouldnt suggests sticking to those for exam prep.
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    Ahhh, now I'm following. I will take a look at the other thread you've posted.

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    I actually just found a book I forgot I had. "Microsoft SQL Server 2008 A Beginner's Guide", by Dusan Petkovic. I'm going to start reading it to see how it goes.
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