70-536 - Is this a good idea?

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Hi there,

I know this probably seems a slightly wierd question but I have been working with .net for about 5 years now and thought it's probably about time I did an exam to prove I can do it and push on :)

As far as I can see the current exam to start off the Framework route is the 70-536 which seems to be based around framework 2.0 and while that's great for me, I feel a little uneasy as we are on 4.0 now, would you say that this is safe enough to still be studying?

Also does anyone have any recommendations for other good books that complement the Microsoft Training Book?

Apologies for the rather silly questions, and thanks in advance :)
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    It seems like MS really considers .NET 2.0 to be foundational. I intend on taking it, so I think it's still worth it. In addition to the SPTK I have been using Visual C# 2008 the Language and SelfTest Software. I also know the online training from MS is very good if you can afford it.
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