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icon_twisted.gif Just passed the OS portion of the A+. So im finally A+!! I wanted to start on Net+, just wondering if i still have time to take N10-022, or should i start on the new objectives.
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    Well, congrats on the A+ Cert!

    The Network+ Beta exam opportunity just closed and they're going to need time to evaluate the results of the data gathered from the Beta version. I would say that only after they do this, will they announce the date for the new exam objectives to take over. It wouldn't surprise me if they don't run both exams, N10-002 and N10-003 together for a while just like they did the last A+ revision and you'll have a choice between which to take. Anyway, everything still points to a second quarter release for the N10-003, so that gives you two or three months at the least.

    After I passed my A+, I studied on Network+ for about 2 months and did fine. However, I'm not a quick study, so I'm sure that many people could get it done in much less time.

    Take at look at CompTIA's announcements here, http://www.comptia.org/certification/network/beta2004.aspx

    Also, CompTIA is pretty closed mouthed about all of their moves, but they seem to always give ample notice before instituting major changes. After all they are a business that offers a highly recognized service, and they want to stay in business, and since Network+ has become such a popular certification, they're going to do everything possible to keep encouraging people to take the exam--new or old. So, I'd say you have ample time to study and pass the N10-002

    Best of luck!
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