null modem cable?

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Hi everyone,

Since I bought my 2 routers and 1900 switch, I havent been able to get into the console of the switch (I was more concerned about my routers working first). I tried my console cables that came with the router, but I just cant see anything on the screen, I either get AT0Z0 or AT0H0 on the screen.

Did a bit of research on online and found that the solution to my problem is to get a null modem cable... I just wanted to confirm from any members if this is the right console cable to purchase for the 1900 switch??

Also, it seems im going to have to make my own cable as Cisco does not make them anymore and I went to a popular electronics goods store here and they said they dont stock them anymore. icon_sad.gif
Im a newbie.... please be easy on me.


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