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Hey guys, im a new comer to posting threads on this site as you can see. I've been scaling the forums for months and months now while ive been studying for my qualifications.

Basically im in a situation where i would like to be working with servers so therefor im interested in taking a serverqualification. So what would you guys recommend? MCITP? or MCSA? Which ever you recommend could you please let me into a few pointers on which way is the easiest to get these qualifications completed please. Thanks in advance, sam.
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    First off welcome to TE.
    I don't know of any easy way to get qualified. It takes work and study. If you are already working in the IT field find out what server OS they use there (2003 or 200icon_cool.gif and get qualified on that system. It's all about what will help you where you are right now and in the future.
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    I didnt mean, easly get qualified, i meant which one is the easiest :P Sorry if i didnt explain properly. ive currectly still studying for some qualifications as it is.... So i have alot of work and effort to put into this one. I would like to get qualified in which ever will be better for myself trying to get a job working with servers.
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    The MCSA/MCSE still hold a lot of weight as a lot of companies still use Server 2003. As far as which is easier, most posts I've read seem to indicate that the 2008 tests are easier. I'm currently going the Server 2008 track and if it's easier then the Server 2003 tests must be really hard.
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    Server+ is probably the easiest. The Microsoft exams are about you learning the technologies in use by businesses today that run on Servers. That's important but so is knowing the physical difference between PCs & Servers. I've not taken Server+ but if it's anything like A+/Network+ & Security+, then it's easier.

    MCSE/2003 was friggin hard imo. I failed the 70-293/70-294/70-297 twice EACH before finally passing on my 3rd attempts. Failed the 70-298 once before passing that bugger too!
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    i am just getting started myself with certs i see that you have the a+ if you get net + you will have your elective for mcsa and then need client exam such as xp vista or windows 7 then server exams 70-290 and 70-291 these exams are hard but there is more material available then some of the new exams and if you want to upgrade to server 2008 you only need 2 upgrade exams you can use professor messers' free online to help with net + cbt nuggat is pretty good too

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    You haven 't given us very much info on your experience, so I would suggest starting with some Comptia certs. That would get you at least the basics out of the way and then you should start with 2003 if you aren't currently working in the IT field. Some might argue against that, but 2003 will be around for awhile longer and as earweed stated, the 2008 tests may be easier since the 2003 tests/info would be the foundation/building blocks to continue with. I can't vouch for that, I haven't taken any 2008 tests yet.

    I would suggest taking the Win7/Vista exams, since it will work towards MCITP and MCSE/MCSA, as well as give you the MCTS cert. I did the XP, my first MCP test, but I would do the above if I had to start fresh like you.

    Welcome to the TE boards as well!
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