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been studing wanting to know my progress i'm testing on old exam out of 300 questions missing 27 percent wanting to know how i stack up to the latest test anyone have a accurate exam that is free before i waste 145 bucks on the exam


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    I am taking the core test on Wedneday.

    After taking several practice tests, i tried the one on

    It had 270 questions and I got 74% correct. It said i passed because i got over 60% correct.

    Anyone know if this is comporable to the real compNet A+ Core hardware exam?
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    Neither one is probably comparable to the real exam. The exams that are offered for free like the tests here, and over at mcmcse, are not directly styled after the exam, yet designed to test your general knowledge of the subject.

    Cruise, I would recco using some money to buy a current book. The objectives have changed recently, and they got harder. You can see the objectives here.

    db67fm, passing one practice exam is never good enough. You should try to use multiple sources of info to cover any overlaps. Also, try browsing through the forums, you could learn a lot just from reading others questions.
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    well i just got back from the exam and i passed!

    I scored a 660

    The practice tests here and on were very helpfull, i think out of the 80 questions on the exam, i had already seen 20 of them on those practice exams...
  • Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    i remain, he who remains to be....
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