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I am studying for CCNA certification and got a hold of the the Wendell Oldom CCNA INTRO and ICND Exam Certification guide. Also I got a hold of an old 1604 router which seems pretty useless as its for ISDN and has a vacant optional WIC interface card (I need to get a hold of a 10baseT WIC card now). At any rate its even more useless as I seem to have no way that I know of to connect the console port my PC to consfigure the router. Sure I know how to crimp a rolled over cable but the books them selves make no mention of the fact that I'm gonna need some special adaptor to connect a Serial port to a rolled over RJ-45 type cable. I foolishly tried to connect a rolled cable directly to a PC but of course it didn't work. The books claim you can use telnet on the console port directly but really I would need a valid IP adress assigned to the interface on the router to even do that. I would really like to connect the console port to a NIC card on one of my computers to configure the router or at lease see the CLI.

My only tools are a few hubs and switches wire crimpers and whole lot of cat 5 cable. How do I go about accessing the console on this router?
Guess I picked the wrong time to graduate. :|


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