How in depth? Couple questions before schedule

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Hello there,

i know i can count on you guys as you helped me pass the security+ exam with answering my questions. well now I am after network+ and have a few questions.

1 - how in depth are the questions, meaning does it require me to subnet (i know how to do it, but not well enough to do it in a timely manner)?

2 - do you get a calculator if they do ask? like via some box on the bottom

3 - i know the ports, protocols, and osi model pretty well alongside having some network troubleshooting experience, is this good enough?

oh yeah, i read mike meyers book and am finishing the sybex study guide then moving on to the review guide. any recommendations for practice exams or should those give me a good start.

thanks in advance


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    1) If you can subnet period your in good shape as when I took the test I was out in 45 minutes with an 865.
    2) Don't recall and if their was one I didn't use it.
    3) should be. Make sure yopu know your media lengths and speeds. Also the troubleshooting steps. Basically check the objectives.

    There are some practice exam questions at and there may be some at but the only practice test questions I used were on my Labsim and examforce.
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    From my experience only:

    1. I had ZERO questions on subnetting. In fact, my instructor told us not to worry about it when I was in boot camp. However, it is still good to know.
    2. They did not give us a calculator. I believe it would be fine to bring on with you to the exam(but please check with the instructor and/or testing center).
    3. Ports, OSI model and protocols were all over the exam. So yes, get to know them.

    Wish you well and look to your post telling us that you passed!
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    1 - I had two questions about subnetting. However, the answer choices were so easy that I could actually figure it out without doing any of the math. I wouldn't worry too much about that.

    2 - I did not get a calculator. Nor did I need one.

    3 - You should be fine. If you know that a Telnet port is 23 and a POP3 port is 110.. I got a lot of those questions. You should also be familiar with cabling and the OSI Model. But you did know about that.

    Good luck!
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