Failed with a 633

gmdeppgmdepp Member Posts: 11 ■□□□□□□□□□
Guess that's what happens when you have to replace a water heater and go into work unexpectedly instead of studying. Does anyone know if they offer testing at nights or on weekends anywhere?


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    Orion82698Orion82698 Member Posts: 483
    I'm sorry to hear that. From what I have seen most test centers are open till 8. You might want to contact prometric or the vuport (I think it's called). Either way, keep studying. You'll knock it out.
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    /usr/usr Member Posts: 1,768
    Most testing centers are open until 5 or 6. I think some may be open Saturdays., but I'm not sure. Just check with your local testing center and find out what their hours are.
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