2 different citrix sessions, one citrix client

Young GrasshopperYoung Grasshopper Member Posts: 51 ■■□□□□□□□□
we have a client that uses citrix to launch applications from home. they log into the web interface for thier company to do this. theyre using an older version of citrix presentation server(maybe 4?). anyway we set up a new environment for them using presentation server 4.5. in order to connect to the environment, they use the cisco anyconnect to vpn in and from there they access the internal ip of the web interface. the problem is once they get to the logon, in the message center they get a message stating they do not have the Citrix Presentation Server Client installed, although all the apps in our environment work fine despite the message. the client told us we cannot update the client on thier machines as it might break the connection to thier own site. my question is there anyway to disable the message center, or get rid of the entire warning regarding the citrix client not being installed? i did some research on google but did not find anything helpful. as mentioned all the apps work fine, we just need to get rid of that message.

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