Verizon sucks...

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I apologize for this in advance, but I really need to vent.

Since I got DSL about 3 months ago, we have had nonstop ping spikes. They will shoot up to around 1000, then come back down. Sometimes this will last 30 seconds, sometimes the entire day. After calling a couple weeks ago and getting a ticket put in, they supposedly "fixed" it. Guess they were wrong.

I got fed up today and called Verizon, quite angry. The tech support person couldn't helped and seemed dumbfounded by my description of the problem. She called the repair team and they said it was a virus...It isn't.
I keep my pc's very clean. We also have 5 in this house. All of which I could turn on and see the same ping spikes. We also have a neighbor my brother plays online games with. They both see these spikes at the EXACT same time, they both stop at the EXACT same time. Trying to explain this to Verizon is like pulling teeth. They tried everything to refute my claim that the problem was not with my pc. After realizing I wouldn't give up, they flat out told me that I could NOT get a ticket put through with the repair team unless it was acting up at the precise moment that I called, that I could not contact the repair team in any way, and the only way to get a tech to come out or for me to speak to a tech, was to first get a ticket put in.

I am honestly at a loss. They basically said "We can't help you, deal with it." I am extremely frustrated right now and have no idea how to approach this. Anyone else have similar experiences/suggestions?


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    Yes, Verizon sux when it comes to broadband. They are worse (but not by much) than Bellsouth DSL. Both company's customer service sticks big time and they act like everyone that calls in with a problem is an idiot.

    What makes things even worse is when they are the only ones in the area that can provide broadband service.
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    tell them u want to disconnected all your services and switch to cable and voip b/c you have been getting the ultimate BS from the tech support and spending your hard earned money on horrible service is not acceptable.. see what they say then you'll be surprised how much they start kissing up icon_cool.gif had to do it to my service provider
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    I'm always amazed by the incompetence of broadband providers/ISPs. About 2 months ago I didn't have a connection for almost 3 fulls days. I called them several times, they kept telling me that they are working on it. Eventually I called and demanded a technical explanation of what was causing the problem that couldn't be fixed for 3 days. Turned out to be a broken switch board somewhere in my neighborhood. I guess they never heard of hot spares...

    In my previous home (same provider, @home) the connection would drop for a couple of minutes to half an hour every 3 days or so. I called over a dozen times, they replaced my cable modem twice, but the problem was never solved. After some ridiculous suggestions (also virus, but they blamed it on my 3Com nic which I wanted to use so I wouldn't have to pay them $50 for a $20-nic.) I ended up getting a similar response as you did, basically just had to deal with it. Until one day I had no connection, I called, they said they had a problem with their DHCP server. I knew my IP so I configured it manually including gateway and DNS servers and never had the problem since.

    But, I think there's an 'my isp sucks' topic for every ISP somewhere. icon_wink.gif
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    I haven't even mentioned the Belkin AP I have hooked up to their crappy Westell modem. I know they will blame my wireless network, when this problem occurs pc which is wired to the Westell DSL modem as well.

    I figure that we will simply have to deal with it as well. Only thing is, this problem is so random. I have basically done all the work for them. I'm confident that the problem is at the switch, or further down the line. The chances of them listening to me and coming out to fix it are virtually nonexistant.

    Ahh...the day I graduate college and get a place where I can get cable will be a joyous one. icon_wink.gif
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    I honestly cannot believe that I can't speak with anyone other than the basic tech support. I would be thrilled to speak with someone who knows what a ping spike is. They always say "Oh, so you can't get on the internet?" icon_rolleyes.gif
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    /usr wrote:
    I honestly cannot believe that I can't speak with anyone other than the basic tech support. I would be thrilled to speak with someone who knows what a ping spike is. They always say "Oh, so you can't get on the internet?" icon_rolleyes.gif

    Same here icon_rolleyes.gif
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