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I was hoping someone could maybe give me some advice, at the moment I am working (slowly - when I have time) to get the 4 core network exams done for Win 2003. My plan was once I have these go through getting CCNA certificatio then start on the Win 2008 certs, to get the MCITP:EA, as its only 5 exams.

Do you think it would be worth finishing 2003 all the way through to MCSE? I seem to struggle to get motaviated to do the exams, although I should. Really I am only interested in getting the core bits for MCSE as Win 2003 won't be around for ever, but I still want to cover it. Shame there is no upgrade exam just to cover the core networking exams to 2008.

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    Welcome to TE!

    What is your current work experience and what is the end goal for your IT career? I think if anything I would grab at least the MCSA since you are only 2 exams away and then decide after that.

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    If you're bothering to get the 293 and 294 you may as well finish the MCSE. The 298 seems to combine the security portions of the 291 and 293. If you're going after the MCITP:EA you will need a client exam and the 680 works for both the MCSE and the EA. At that point you're a design and a few electives away.

    If you don't want to go all the way to the MCSE I would stop where you're at and get the MCSA. You're a client exam and an elective away. If you do the 680 it will carry on to the EA and there is a bridge exam between the MCSA and the MCITP series.
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    Hi guys, thanks for the replies. I've worked as an IT technician for 2 years just doing general helpdesk calls. Then now as a support engineer for 3years, supporting a bit of everything I gues, AD, DHCP, DNS, IIS, citrix, Exchange. Last thing I done was working out our deployment of windows 7. I guess my goal would be like a senior support person, or even a consultant one day??!!

    I have looked at a MCSA but it just doesn't cover enough of what I want. I'd think where I work will still be using 2003 for plenty of years. I really want the 293 and 294 aswell as the ad design one! So maybe I should just pull my finger out and go the whole hog?
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    Well since you've done already two exams and you can do 70-680 which could be chosen as elective or client then complete MCSE then do the upgrade to MCITP-EA
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