Anyone used The Training Consortium?

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The Training Consortium

My team and I watched a demo of their product:

* Live trainings scheduled daily.
* Recorded material
* Hands on labs
* Pre and Post tests for every module
* Practice exams for every cert
* Access to email instructors for clarification
* Fairly large pricetag... roughly double the cost of a single streaming subscription from CBT Nuggets.
* That price does not include Cisco training.

Anyone heard of these guys or had any experience? The product looks very interactive and good.


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    I used their service for 1 year to pass my MCSE track. I did have to use additional resources for the more difficult exams (293, 294) as their practice tests are not a good reflection of what other companies provide. In fact, they are generally much easier than the actual test compared to others.

    The live training is great and the recordings as great as you can pick up topics that you may have missed (or were not discussed in the live sessions). I had test questions that I missed that were not discussed live but on the recordings only. The labs were decent. The practice exams were okay but no comparison to other vendors out there. The emailing of instructors is not a great benefit as I got far superior answers on this forum. I got to where I would not even contact them as you do not get the actual instructor unless you emailed them directly.

    Bottom line, I did get a MCTS, MCSA, MCSE certs by using their service but I did need additional resources as they were not a total complete solution.
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    Thanks for the info. I'm really dissapointed to hear that their practice tests aren't very good. I'm glad to hear that their instruction, however, is good. That is a lot of what I am looking for. I can't speak for everyone, but I just don't connect with James Conrad w/ CBT Nuggets. It may not be him; I may just not be much of a Microsoft guy.
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