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I have aquired 2 routers to be used for home work of the course CCNA at work.
The problem is one (2515) is a token ring and I have no cables for the token ring port to connect to the pc ethernet card, the console is working fine and I can instruct commands but wanting to upgrade the IOS find dificult to do that without the other connection.
Does any one know how to do that?

The second is (2501) which is locked by pasword and even sending (crtl break) instruction and Wiating for it loading the romon it will reset it self instead and continuew the build from Vram flash.
Even by interrupting the boot sequence and sending (conf reg 0X2142) command it will not bypass the password.
This unit was bought from ebay and I did not ask if it was reset to factury settings, Should I repalce the rom?

Thank and sorry for my lack of knowledge



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    You cannot go from token ring to ethernet directly. You will either have to enable "translational bridging" or routing to allow them to talk. It has something to do with canonical vs noncanonical addressing, physical characteristics, MTU, lobe tests, and many other differences (hence the two different standards 802.3 and 802.5)

    To get a token ring host you will have to buy a token ring hub (MAU) and token ring pc card. You should the buy units that use RJ45. Also, you should build a DB9 RJ45 adapter to get from the router to the hub. then you just use two straight through RJ45 cables.

    For a 2500 series router you should use o/r instead of confreg. At the ">" prompt type in "o/r 0x2142". After this, type "i". Now you can follow the password recovery procedure as normal.

    If you still have problems, use this configuration register instead.


    This will boot the bootrom and igonore the config. When the system comes to the boot prompt do this:

    configure terminal
    config-register 0x2102

    The system will prompt you to save the configuration type in "yes". This will leave you with a default configuration.
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    Does Cisco have a list of config register values somewhere? They always tell you to use a certain value but never tell you what the value means.
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    If you plan on studying for the CCIE then you have to pretty much memorize this thing.
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