hello all..im new here =)

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Im not sure if this is the correct forum..but oh well. My name is Jeff, I am 19 years old from scranton pennsylvania. I recieved my A+ certification and I have been studying on and off for network+. I have taken a few practice tests, and did excellent on them. I think I am ready to take my net+ test.

Heres the question.

In May, I will have an associates degree from a college here in scranton, in computer information technology. If I have my Net+ and my A+..what kind of job could i expect to get. What other certifications would be good to have..

Any help is appreciated




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    Welcome to the forum!

    I would shoot for a help desk position for now, or a desktop repair tech. Like working for bestbuy on their geek squad or something. I know it does't sound like much, but you have to start somewhere. Good luck to ya!

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    Welcome, jeffs42885!

    Yep, orion82698 is probably correct about the help desk or geek squad scenario. You'll need at least a year of experience working for some sort of IT employer before you will be taken really seriously for what you know. Also, consider whom you know. Do you have any friends, family, teachers, etc who work for a company that has an IT department, and contact them to see if they can help you get an application form and a good word to the folks who do the hiring.

    Most job adds that I see require at least an associate degree and one year of experience. A+ and Network+ could possibly get you a little more money to start with. They did for me. A few places require some certification, but not all that many that I've seen. The associate degree will get you a second look anyway. The certs may be impressive enough to get you at the bench or at the help desk phone.

    Best of luck!
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    I agree with them. Shoot for an entry level position. Not to discourage you, but don't shoot for something too high at first. We all have to start off at the bottom.
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    I guess i got the right job at the right time then. because, over the summer i got a job making 13.00 an hour as a pc tech..and thats just with my A+..i seriously wonder what kind of money i can make with an associates, net+, server+, and maybe security+?

    Does anyone know some good braindump sites to get server+? and is it similar to net+ at all? thanks!!
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    You could also keep an eye out for small to mid-sized resellers. Our company is mid-size, yet we do so many things. Some companies will have setup and config departments.

    Just to give an example of ours, we have a setup department. Here, the techs configure pc's to customers specs. Here you'll learn basic network, imaging with utilities like Ghost...etc. We also have an area for those who config & setup our servers for clients.

    Then in our network department, we have various techs for various services. We contract out techs to companies who need bodies. Our techs can do stuff from desktop deployment, to helpdesk help. You can learn a boatload here and gain more experience in data transfers, networking, people skills.

    We have techs contracted to companies who are simply the companies whole extent of IT. They are break/fix tech's who also double as the sys admin.
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    Does anyone know some good braindump sites to get server+

    You won't make many friends here that way. allout.gif
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    excuse me, i mean study sites =)
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    It really isn't funny. I doubt anyone is going to help you much since you just admitted to using ****...then made a joke about it.
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    well, i meant like the study notes for net+

    do you honestly think im just dumping then going..no.

    i do server+/net+ relate things in school every day..and just wanted some supplementary stuff to read from.
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    So you're using braindumps only to reenforce what you already know?
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    i don't spend 24/7 thinkin about the OSI model. I learnd it in school, passed the course with flying colors

    so yeah
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    You do realize that braindumps are test questions from the actual exams and it's considered cheating, right?
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    Does anyone know some good braindump sites to get server+? and is it similar to net+ at all? thanks!!
    I knew there had to be a catch as to why this thread was so long icon_confused.gif .

    If you're serious (braindump free) about taking the Network+, focus on ports, OSI model, and troubleshooting. If you know those pretty well, you should be good to go. Hint...never say something about braindumps here. We actually study our a$$es off for certs. icon_study.gif
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    no, i didnt know that. icon_sad.gif
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    You won't make many friends here that way.
    excuse me, i mean study sites =)

    This makes it seems as if you did know braindumps were cheating. You seemed to know what I was referring to and didn't ask what I was talking about. Maybe I'm wrong and you didn't change your story because you realized we don't think highly of cheaters. icon_rolleyes.gif

    Anyway...don't use braindumps.
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    i dont use brain ****. I have exam cram 2 for network+ and alot of experience doing everyday tasks in school.

    Same thing for my A+, I went to votech for 3 years, read a few books..then got my A+ and passed with no braindumps.

    I just get confused with the term.
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    Fair enough. I apologize.
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    no harm, no foul.

    now back to my original question.

    What is a good Server+ book. I feel really confident in getting that cert, because we maintain a "server environment" in the class room.

    basic stuff..rack..switches..patch panel. couple of servers. nice stuff actually.
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    Isn't there a new server+ exam coming out soon? When new exams come out it takes some time for the study guides to catch up, if they do at all.

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    I don't trust him. He is a braindumper, I can smell it.
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    jeffs42885 wrote:
    i don't spend 24/7 thinkin about the OSI model. I learnd it in school, passed the course with flying colors

    so yeah

    The OSI model will be used for just about every... single... certification exam you take over the next few years. You learn the fundamentals for a *reason*. Fail to learn them the right way, and you'll just be learning (or memorizing/regurgitating) it again... and again... and again.

    Similarly (and I understand that you say you don't use braindumps, but I feel I must explain why you shouldn't), if you simply use braindumps to memorize a bunch of questions and answers without learning the concepts, then you'll have a much more difficult time passing subsequent exams. Further, and more importantly, you'll not really be prepared to perform the tasks in the real world. Sure, you might be able to answer 60 multiple-choice questions that you've seen the answer to already... but unless you understand the concepts, you'll fail in the "real world".

    After all... the point is not to simply acquire certifications... the point is to learn the concepts so that you can perform in the real world. If you're not learning the concepts, you're cheating yourself (and any future employer who decides to hire you for a short length of time).

    Learn the *right* way, because your career depends upon it. Best of luck to you.
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