Cvoice: Minimum number of routers to play with GK?

I'm wondering what the minimum number of routers to implement basic GK functionality is. Is it 2 (a GK and a GK)? or is it 4 (a GW and a GK; and a GW and a GK) ?



  • azaghulazaghul Member Posts: 569 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I'd say 2.

    A combined GW/GK (though I'm still not 100% sure how to configure this) and a second GW to route the calls to.
  • tokhsstokhss Member Posts: 473
    yeah.. all you need is 2 routers...

    Router 1 - Zone A
    Router 2 - Zone B

    GK... which you can also use as your HQ or Zone C for example.

    I plan on doing this in the next couple days.. not sure exactly how to do it but i will figure it out after banging my head a couple times ;)

    HQ / GK
    BR1 - Zone 1
    BR2 - Zone 2

    post up my config incase anyone wants to know how..
  • LuckycharmsLuckycharms Member Posts: 267
    2x Routers will do fine for a simple GK lab, but once you start to actually read about GK/DK/ITSP connections you will need at least another router in order to properly test implementations. And hardware is the way to test GK, simply because to properly understand what is happening with GK/CUBE you will need to transcode. But that all will come after your understanding of GK fundamentals take shape. Good Luck and have fun.

    ** Side note for testing GK's there is a Diagram of the flow of a GK call, don't remember where it is but "Debug gatekeeper main 10" is your friend. **
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