MS Learning on Exams Being Updated

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    Load of bull, too little, too late for me. Every question on my test started out, in the lead sentence, saying "Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7" and from that post there
    For items where the answer would be different depending on the service pack or revision, we specify the service pack/revision in the question. If we don’t specify a revision or service pack, then the correct answer is based on the version of the technology referred to in the title of the exam.
    They basically, if given the benefit of the doubt, made a mis-statement. None of my questions mentioned Server 2008 and all of the names which have been changed (TS > Remote Desktop Services and Sharepoint > Sharepoint Foundation) so how to tell if I had been tested on "functionality being changed"
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    Thanks a lot for sharing this link, well late better than never at least they said something about it.

    I didn't like this sentence though
    Training kits may or may not get revised, depending on the scope of changes

    They seems not to know how hard it is to study something with an outdated material this is happening to me. I'm studying for 70-643 and I have the MS book which of course is old so there is no mention for R2 at all.

    I don't have any R2 book (except a free one) I did purchase a book from Amazon but it will arrive in two weeks icon_cry.gif

    So now I'm jumping between many resources, I'm only using R2 for labbing now and I have to confirm each step I made and compare between names and the location of stuff and it's really time consuming.

    R2 is a major release it's not a service pack for me the least thing they can do is to have a new book I know there is the technet but it's not easy to find every thing you want there and as I said it's time consuming because info is shattered in many places.
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    I guess it's nice that they aren't just rushing out with updated books filled with errors like the are now..... But on the other hand, I just spent a couple hundred on books for the MCITP:EA with plans on selling them when I'm done. Now I'm out money on books with outdated material and most likely won't be able to recoup the cost like I planned.....
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    I think they should update some books like the Win 7 book it's FULL of mistakes.As for the books you can still sell them because I guess there will not be new material but the sooner you do the better.
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    Here is a document about the changes in functionality in Windows 2008 R2 it's +200 pages so they can't say it's not a major release

    Download details: Changes in Functionality in Windows Server 2008 R2
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