Fibre Optic Cables

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Hey guys im studying for my Network+ and im making a physical image board for all the different cable types with the connectors and all the stats for each connector and cable, do you happen to know who or where i could possible get any fibre optic left overs, small quantity just so i have a sample of them in front of me, like a inch or so of each one.

Thanks for your help :D
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    I commend you for the idea, but I think it will be much more of a hassle than it is work to collect all of these items. Pictures will be plenty for the test.
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    Most of the fiber I see has 6 strands, blue, orange, green, brown, grey, and white. You use ST connectors on each strands. Those ST connecters are then pluged into a fiber patch panel. Then you can use fiber patch cables with ST connecters on one side and SC or LC connecters on the other end to plug into your switches and routers.

    Of course there are other fiber connectors but I don't remember seeing anything about the other connecters on the test.

    Optical fiber connector - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Check with your local computer repair shops, especially those that do network installs. They will probably have some extras floating around.
    I think what you are doing is a good idea. It will cement the stats in your head as you actually can see the real thing as you are studying.
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