What happened to my question

What happened to my question I posted on here. It was a question regarding MCSA and it was a question from an all in one practice exam? It was here then it disappeared.


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    I don't think you originally posted where the question came from.

    A lot of boards don't allow questionls like that because it could be copyrighted or it could be a braindump.

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    Oh ok gotcha, the question came from an All in One MCSA exam book.
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    ajs1976 wrote:
    A lot of boards don't allow questionls like that because it could be copyrighted or it could be a braindump.
    Indeed, it's mainly about copyright (which includes braindumps), you can't post anything from a book without the author's or publisher's permission. I'm sure many see no harm in posting just a single question, that's probably because there isn't. The problem is that you won't be the only one doing it, which can lead to us being responsible for hosting copyright protected questions and get in trouble with Mike. ;) This goes also for material from other 'free' sites.

    More importantly, you don't need to post a complete multiple choice question to get the answer, or better (since you want to know more than a,b,c, or d), understand it. Just ask the question as if it were you in a real world situation and don't include all the answers as options or leave out the scenario. Anything besided the complete m.c. question goes. Try to disuss the technology instead of the m.c. questions. I don't know what your question was about but feel free to ask 'your' question again.
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    Okay gotcha,
    I have a computer that can see some computers on the network , but not all of them. The thing is the systems the computer cant see are on the same subnet. the IP address of the computer is and the subnet is, why is it that it can only see some of the systems and not all?
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    we need a little more information to answer this...what are the other ips? Does it say it is using CIDR or not?

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    I dont have any more information than that, this is a scenario that I was given and it was asking me what is most likely the problem. There were multiple choice answers. .
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    I'd guess the last octet of the ip of the systems it cannot see is 16 or higher.
    I'm not a complete idiot... some parts are missing.
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