O, I'm here now..starting bcmsn

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does anyone have any recommendations on whats good to study this test route for bcmsn?

currently i have for this is:
2 training cbts for bcmsn

1 boson test sim and network simulator

i'm thinking on getting the sybex ccnp suite of books and the fast pass editions to match( fast pass is the Shhhhh icon_cool.gif
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    I have the Sybex and Cisco press ccnp libabry, to be honest I found the Sybex lacking information especially on BSCI, and BCMSN. Cisco press is the way to go with CCNP to be honest , and the Boson practice tests are like 50 times easier than the exam!

    I found BSCI very hard and BCMSN easy, but people opinions differ I have routers and swithes to practice on which is a great help.
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    1) Get the topics lists for each test.


    2) Then you read about the topics in all of the following links.


    3) Then you read the Cisco Press CCNP book for each test. Do the sample questions on the cdrom.

    4) Finish up with the Boson tests.

    During the practice tests set the engine to not display the correct answer when you get it wrong. Write down the question and re-read the specific topic in the CCNP book and on the above links.
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    thx tuner

    i read over the links and will follow the intructions. i jus luckly have version 2.1 for bcmsn cbt as listed on the cisco site. so begins the punishment Oopps learning icon_cool.gif
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    I'm very annoyed with Sybex. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since their CCNP books tend ot be written by CCIE's, and CCIE's speak a different language than the rest of us ;)

    I finished reading the BSCI book a few days ago, and it seems to assume a higher level of knowledge than your average learner coming into the CCNP is going to have. And I found quite a few of the labs (especially the challenge labs at the back) to be unrealistic for a test prep. 13 routers? /snort, I don't think so. I'm sure it's a valid real world example, but if a lab requires more than the six routers I have sitting in front of me, forget it, I'm not doing the paperwork required to sign out the additional ones.

    So right now I'm moving to the CCNP Practical Studies: Routing book from Cisco Press. Glancing through it, it seems to be exaclty what I need... a book full of practical scenarios that will help me learn by doing instead of memorizing and regurgitating.

    One of my co workers just passed BSCI today (by 2 points, he's annoyed with himself hehe). I'm aiming to take it in a month and then move on to BCMSN.
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