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i searched for some labs and found this. Maybe this is helpful for others.

Cisco CallManager Express Deployment Topologies

I have a short question. If i go to the Multi Site with Distributed Call Processing Model, how could i simmulate a PSTN? Is this possible?

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    woisch wrote: »
    If i go to the Multi Site with Distributed Call Processing Model, how could i simulate a PSTN? Is this possible?

    You'd either use a PSTN simulator (I got a 4 port model for $80 years ago), a WAN switch (can get expensive and time consuming finding the necessary cards and learning to configure if you don't buy a working solution), or build your own PSTN Cloud solution using a 2811 router (or a combination of multiple smaller individually less expensive routers like the 1760-V or the ancient MC3810s).

    The CCNA:Voice uses the single-site deployment model -- but you still need something outside of that one office to call -- so if you add another voice router and analog/digital interfaces and just connect back-to-back (and hang a phone off that router) you've just started building your own PSTN cloud.

    There are a few PSTN Cloud threads over in the CCVP forum....



    ..... but it comes down learning the Voice technology (and Cisco hardware/software) and how to apply it -- and then using that knowledge to build and configure your own PSTN Cloud.

    CCBootcamp has a PSTN.txt file included in their configs.zip file(s) for use with their CCIE Voice Workbooks (and a single 2811 acting as the PSTN Cloud). The link has changed since I first posted it, but I've updated the link in this post so you should be able to find it and use it as a guide for building your own PSTN configuration -- http://www.techexams.net/forums/ccvp/34932-mc3810-avm6.html#post245674
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    CUCME single site deployment to the PSTN is the easiest, just connect an FXO port on the router to the real PSTN.

    Multi-site with E1/T1 is more challenging though. There was a good article on either the INE or IPExpert web sites about setting up a router as a pseudo-PSTN.
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