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hello guys,

I am moving on to CCVP final piece, and need advice for study materials.

I usually get the Cisco Press official study book and CBT nuggets vids, but i could only find the CCVP TUC Quick Reference Sheets, anyone coudl give me tips ont hat one?

tx a lot
:o CCIE is tough


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    There's a CBT Nugget for the TUC exam... I'm not sure of how good it is, but Jeremy Cioara is the instructor and he usually makes it really entertaining. Maybe some of the guys whose gone down that road (MikeJ, LuckyCharms, Pitviper, etc...) could let you know the materials they used. HTH.

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    Here you go fella :-


    other than the VP track is poor for study material. The study guide is your best resource get used to reading debugs etc hands on as always.

    PS keep in mind Cisco are about to change the track so things could be interesting. Both tracks should run side by side for a while though.
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