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Took the exams three days apart. I spent a month studying a couple hours every day. I used the CBT nuggets videos, Professor Messer videos, google and refered to official objectives making sure i didnt let a topic i didnt know go by.(for studying, writing down notes is very helpful)

I've been an enthusiast building systems and overclocking and whatnot for the past 5 years so the hardware section was pretty much a review. I enjoyed learning the networking sections.. word of advice "REMEMBER TCP PROTOCOLS AND PORT NUMBERS" and Wifi speeds and frequencies. Remember your Command List utilities and permission vs ntfs settings.

last bit of info,
for the 701, MASTER TROUBLESHOOTING. (the 6steps)
for the 702, MASTER READING QUESTIONS CAREFULLY (since these are practical customer based problems that require careful reading)

goodluck everyone.

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