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I'll be attempting the 70-680 in late November. I've been through the Panek Study Guide and the MS Press book as well as Technet. I'm looking also at the Kaplan Self Test. Does anyone know about the UCertify materials? UCertify is #3 on CertGuards safe search list,
right behind Transcender. Any other suggestions? Thanks!


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    Earweed might be able to weigh on this a little bit more but I think he said the Transcender was not good for this exam. My studies with this test were rushed so I used the questions that were included in the books.
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    I used the (ms recommended) measureUP.com website and felt that the study questions they had were very similar to the exam.
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    I used the (ms recommended) measureUP.com website and felt that the study questions they had were very similar to the exam.

    I agree on that.
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    I've used Ucertify for other exams and have been very happy with their content, it's always mapped very well to the objectives.
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    I can't speak for uCertify on this test but I've used them for three other tests (A+ bridge, Network+, and Security+). They have always been a good learning tool and contain more extra material to read than the other vendors I've tried. The uniformly best quality explanations I've seen come from Boson.
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    Thanks for all the input. I've opted for UCertify, and so far I've been pleased. I'll also continue the Measure Up tests in the press book.
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    that comes to a question I have about this. The MS Press Book has a DVD with some questions on the disk it says Powered by Measure Up when you load the questions up. So I was thinking of buying some measure Ups but If they are going to be the same as the disk on the MS Press book then it would be a waste of money. Are they the same questions as the ones that you can buy on Measure ups website? I just dont want to waste money on something that I may already have.
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