LAB Question, I know again :(

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Hi soon , I start my ccnp course, (as soon as I pass ccna exam !), I founded ready Lab for ccnp study on ebay and hopefully you will advice me :).

Or maybe is better buy each device separate, and you can advice what I should buy? I'm gonna spend about 500£ mor or less so is about 790 USD will be enough?

please find below the labs :

Thank you for your help


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    I can help you out with some routers and wic-1t and 2t if you want. I have some I need to get rid of. From the top of my head:

    1 cisco 3640 with atleast one ethernet and one wic-1t - max memory (12.4T IOS)
    2 or 3 cisco 2611 with max mem and a serial interface (two integrated fast ethernet ports)
    I also have a lot of Cisco 1721 with IOS 12.3 on them (32 flash, 64 ram) + wic-1t's and integrated fast ethernet port (plus power bricks).

    I've mentioned some wic-2t's and 1t's + an NM-2FE or whatever it's called for the 3640 if you need it.

    Maybe someone reading this will suggest a price for some of this stuff? I'm in Norway so I guess shipping to Poland isn't as pricey as from the US.

    People usually recommend c2600xm routers and atleast a layer 3 switch, but you can do pretty much everything with older boxes too.

    I really like the 1721's. No noisy fans. And they're small and light weight :)
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