Some free Juniper resources for those new to Juniper.

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I figured I would put some of the resources I found over the past couple of months when I was learning about how Junos works vs IOS. Hard to beat being a Juniper newbie and having a pretty vast amount of resources to get one started, I don't recall anything of the sort when I got started with Cisco :)

Complete List - Juniper Technical Education Courses

This is just a brief list of some of the more general eLearning courses which Juniper offers free of charge that I thought were general enough to be a good starting point for a novice. Some of these are somewhat brief or don't go into a whole lot of detail and often assume you have prior networking experience covering some of the basics. Overall I thought some of them were a decent primer before I hit the books.

Networking Fundamentals
Junos as a Second Language
Junos as a Second Language - Podcast Version
Junos as a Scripting Language
Junos as a Security Language
Junos as a Security Language - Podcast Version
Junos as a Switching Language
Junos as a Switching Language - Podcast Version

Juniper Fast Track Program
Juniper Fast Track Portal

This one has been mentioned in the forum here many times but it's a great resource. Register for an account if you haven't already done so and available to you are a variety of study guides which they use in some of their instructor led training courses. Juniper doesn't provide the lab guides and topology diagrams which would be included if you took the instructor led course but the student guides which you are given access to are good to have at least.

If you do desire to obtain the lab guides and topology diagrams (along with any other guides/booklets a student attending an instructor led course would receive), you can now order them through Juniper's New Education Services Bookstore.

Juniper's Day One Booklets
Free Juniper Day One Booklets

I thought these were especially nice since they catered well to my interest becaues they included many of them in the mobi format (in addition to PDF) which works a lot smoother on my Kindle!

Essentially this is just a collection of various e-books covering the Junos CLI, Junos basics, monitoring/troubleshooting, and on further into more advanced or specific technologies.

Juniper's Forums
J-Net Discussion Forums

Not as much of a direct training resource, but still a lot of good information to be found here as you work your way through new territory. Not that the great minds who participate here aren't helpful - they are! Just that there is a lot more traffic over at there forums and as a result - more information.

Free Practice Exams
Juniper Networks Technical Certification Program

Last but not least, I figured I would toss this one in here too. Obviously it's the wise choice for one to look over if they are pursuing a particular certification so one can view the exam objectives, prerequisites, etc. They don't include them for each exam, but some of the certification tracks had practice exams available. I'm pretty sure it's only Service Provider and Enterprise Routing and Switching - perhaps they will add more, perhaps not but these two are out there at least.


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    Thought I would add a small resource of my own to this list. I've used Mnemosyne in the past as a study aid and figured I would use it to create some flash cards for the Juniper exams I work my way through.

    For those who are not familiar with Mnemosyne, it's a pretty slick program available on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms where you can build your own database of flash cards. It has a unique twist in that it allows you to grade the cards as they appear and it uses this to determine which cards are more difficult for you to remember so you spend more time being presented with cards you are more likely to forget instead of just a random sampling of cards resulting in getting the one's you have committed to memory just as often as those you have not.

    Mnemosyne is available for free download from their website located here.

    I started to put together a database of cards for the first exam I'll be sitting, JNCIA-JUNOS and thought I would make it available for others to use as well. In Mnemosyne, you have the ability to create categories in a database and only display cards from a particular category or from more than one or all at once. While working on the JNCIA-JUNOS database, I basically broke it down into the main categories listed on the exam objectives: Junos OS Fundamentals, User Interface Options, and so on. I also decided to create a good variety of cards once I figured I would share it, so there may be some in here incredibly easy for some but that's the nice thing with Mnemosyne is they will be weeded out of your rotation for the most part as you start to work through them.

    Anyways, the link will follow below here. It's not presently complete as of yet but I will share what I've got together so far. Thus far it covers about the first half of the JNCIA-JUNOS exam objectives including the following main categories: Junos OS Fundamentals, User Interface Options, Initial Configuration and Network Interfaces, Secondary System Configuration, and Operational Monitoring and Maintenance. I've got 228 flash cards thus far, and some of these were made while studying up late in the wee hours of the night - so there may be and probably are typographical errors. Hopefully I've made no errors with the questions or answers not being factual but please feel free to let me know of any mistakes you might find be it spelling or with the material itself and I'll be sure to correct the copy provided here. I'll also keep updating the file hosted below as well as providing updates here as I continue to add the remainder of the exam objectives.

    Here's the latest file for JNCIA-JUNOS: Download Here
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    OUTSTANDING!!! This is exactly what I was looking for as I'm brand new to the JunOS. I'll definitely look into these materials... Thanks!!!

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    Very nice indeed! icon_thumright.gif I think this deserves a sticky!
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    thanks ill add these to my study list!
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    When I try to download the data file, it replies that the account has been suspended.

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    whlcheng wrote: »
    When I try to download the data file, it replies that the account has been suspended.


    Sorry, this has been resolved. Do keep in mind the Mnemosyne file I created was based on JN0-100 rather than the current JN0-101 exam. I'm working on updating them now.
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    Thanks. I will keep that in mind.
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    Thanks for sharing the nice info
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