Passed the JNCIA-JUNOS

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Yep, passed it yesterday, after a couple of attempts previously :)

It was kinda hard coming into Junos from an IOS background, and hoping to ace the exam first time, plus I was hoping the exams would be a bit more...simulation based sometimes? Or at least have a sim here or there, but oh well.

In terms of study resources, I used the fast track material, the JUNOS Cookbook, the JUNOS For Dummies book, and also we had a training course this week on the JRE, IJS and CJNR courses, with lots and lots of lab time (which helped compared to using Olives with no chassis commands).

I'll be coming back to Juniper in the middle of next year I expect, I'm going to do the CCIP and then hopefully do the JNCIS-ENT or the SP before I get on with starting the CCIE.

Needless to say, I'm impressed with Junipers, and I'm hoping I get more play time with them when my workplace starts deploying them!
Work In Progress: CCIE R&S Written

CCIE Progress - Hours reading - 15, hours labbing - 1


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