New exam objectives?

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I know this was asked in another thread but does anyone have any definite info that says if I was to take the exam within 2-3 weeks it would be the original objectives and not the new beta objectives? I know Russ mentioned in another thread that the new objectives wouldn't be live til the 2nd quarter of 2005. However when I go to the comptia web site and request the objectives it only gives me the beta objectives with the increased emphasis on security. I have sent an email a few days ago to them but have yet to get a response. I really want to sign up to take the exam in a few weeks but am worried there will be stuff on there that I am not ready for as the two books I am using: Sybex and Linux+ in depth, from Thomson all go over the original objectives only.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Try this

    I don't know if it will work or not, but when I went to Linux+ and clicked on Linux+ Objectives in the upper left side of the main Linux+ screen it took me to a personnal info screen. All you have to do is enter your name and email address and it should take you to a screen where you can choose either set of objectives--2004 Beta or 2001 objectives. This is a link to that screen, but you may have to start from home page to get there.

    Good luck on the exam!
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    Thanks for the link, it does give you the choice of selecting either. But it does not let you sign up for the exam based on the objectives you choose, only to view them. When I go to start to schedule a test date it does not say anything or give any options/info about which objectives will be on the exam. I still have to believe it will be the original 2001 objectives but I still am worried and, to be honest, it is making me hesitant about signing up for the exam. I think my next step is to call a few of the testing centers and see what they say. But if anyone has taken the exam since January please let me know whether the test was based on the original or beta objectives. Thanks again for your response.
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