CUCM 6.0.1 VMWare / LAN / DHCP problem

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Hey Guys,

Got a few questions regarding CUCM and VMWare.

I've installed VMware Server on my Win XP Pro PC.

I've created a Virtual Machine within VMWare.

I've installed CUCM 6.0.1 and it starts OK, I can access the GUI OK etc.

My questions are to do with LANs and DHCP.

1. Should I have a Static IP in Win XP ?
I'm currently getting a DHCP address off my home internet router. When I unplug that and change to Static IP I can no longer access the GUI.

2. I have a 2950 switch + 1760 router. I want to fire up 7940 IP Phones. Should I use the DHCP server in CUCM ? or the DHCP server in the Router.

I'm a little confused on how to actually connect it to my Lab LAN and issues with DHCP.

Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.:D



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    It all depends... do you have your NIC in vmware set to Bridge, Nat, or Host only connection? That's going to determine how you should address the IP schema. If you have it Nat'd, then you can manually assign the IP using your "Network Editor Preferences (I think that's the window). If you have your NIC bridged, then you can let your current router/dhcp server assign the IP address (although I highly recommend you statically assign it). Lastly, if it is a host only connection (which it doesn't sound like), then you'd want to statically assign it to an IP that corresponds to your VMNet NIC. Clear as mud? icon_lol.gif Hope this helps.


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    Do you have a second NIC available in your workstation? Probably best to keep the lab on a separate VMNET (bound to a physical NIC) - It makes it easier to add additional equipment (like your switches, gateways, and so on).

    Example here:

    As for question 2... Either way will work - Why not try to setup DHCP both ways (one at a time of course).
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    Thanks for the replies icon_cool.gif

    I don't have a 2nd NIC, the NIC is bridged.

    I've watched BlindHogs video install and he uses Static IP for CUCM and DHCP Server is turned off.

    I will play with it over the weekend.

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