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First of all I want to say this forum rocks! Just from looking through some of the threads has answered quite a few of my questions, but I still have a few left.

I am 28y/o father to be, retail store manger (3-5 people max), and i don't have a tech specific degree just a general AA. As of recent I have decided on a career change and want to mainly focus on networking and security. I started at my job at the bottom level and have worked my way up to my current position in a span of a couple of years. Now I have some networking experience working on friends/family hardware, but I have been fighting dust bunnies the size of my cat in everyone's PC since the age of about 15.

So my question is with/with out my management experience and an soon to be taken A+ cert what is a good entry level position for me to start at?

Knowing salary is a plus but not a huge concern as of yet.



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    Welcome to TE. :)

    Entry level jobs in IT with an A+ could be: Help Desk, Desktop Support, IT Analyst, Tier 1 Support, Remote Support Technician. Most of these are the same job with some more hands on then others, but you can sometimes see them listed as such in the job search engines.

    Can't really speak for your specific locale, but generally these jobs pay from 10 to 17 bucks an hour, DOE.

    If you can, try and pick up the A+, Net+, Sec+ before the end of the year as these certs will then be lifetime.

    As far as the management position, IMO i think that's big in the long run. Even if it wasn't in IT it does show you worked your way into a position where you oversaw others. My first boss in IT, came from HR as a manager there. Decided to leave HR, and get into IT. Worked his way, paid his dues, grabbed some certs and the management experience in his previous position allowed to him to take a management role in IT for our help desk. Just an example.

    Good luck on your future endeavors and congratulations on being a soon to be dad.
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    I think this the best answer in helping me make this sort of decision.

    Much appreciated!
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